Aramati terms and conditions






Upon confirmation of the itinerary clients are required to transfer to Aramati Safaris ltd (Agency) an advance payment of 30% of total costs invoiced to secure reservations and confirmations. The 30% deposit is non-refundable. The remaining 70% is payable 30 days prior to arrival.

2.  Cancellation

Cancellation/s made 45 days before the safari dates will result in forfeiture  of the deposit. Cancellations made within 45 days of the safari will require client to pay or forfeit the entire safari costs.

3.  Aramati Safaris ltd reserves the right to cancel all services booked by the Agency should full payment not reflect in the Agency account as prior to arrival as stipulated above.

4.  For bookings made 45 days or less prior to the safari, clients will be required to transfer 75% of the total cost of the safari within 24 hours of the confirmation and the balance will be payable 48 hours prior to the safari departure date.

The Agency will limit its right to cancel such services as described in term four (4),  30 hours prior to  the commencement of the safari should the money not have reflected in the Agency account.

5.  Method of Payment

Our preferred mode of payments is wire transfer to Aramati Safaris Ltd account domiciled in Nairobi Kenya. Agency will provide details of the accounts cat the point of invoicing. The Agency will further allow payments to be processed using international credit cards strictly for the convenience of the client however related charges will be passed on to the client.  

*All payment must be made in full and free of any card/bank charges.

6.  Travel Insurance

All clients must take out comprehensive travel insurance covering them for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellation and curtailment as the booking will be subject to cancellation penalties as detailed above. 

7.  Visas and Passports

It is important that you thoroughly check your visa requirements before your intended date of travel, as Aramati Safaris  cannot be held responsible should necessary visa requirements not be fulfilled. All visitors to Kenya are required by law to have a minimum of two blank pages in their passport to enable the entry visa to be issued. If there is insufficient space in the passport, entry will be denied and the person is likely to be detained pending return to their country of origin. Kenyan visa can be obtained online.

8.  Air tickets

In order to comply with international insurance requirements all airline tickets must clearly show the passenger’s title, name and surname (as indicated in their passport). As this applies to both scheduled and charter flights we would be grateful if you could provide us with this information at the time of your reservation.

The air fare and airport tax quoted are current and are subject to change without prior warning should the airline impose an increase in rates for any reason. Should the fare quoted not be available at the time of booking the next applicable fare will be booked and amended costs advised accordingly. Please note that fares may increase between time of booking, time of payment and the ticket being issued.

Aramati Safaris  cannot be held responsible should airlines discontinue flights on certain routings or change scheduled timetables resulting in missed connections. Should an amendment in routing or itinerary be necessary, any additional costs incurred will not be borne by Aramati Safaris .

9. Malaria & other tropical diseases 
It is important that you take precautions against malaria and any other tropical diseases prior to the commencement of your holiday. We recommend that you contact your doctor, pharmacist or travel advisory clinic for advice on the Malaria areas and as to which prophylactic or inoculation is recommended.

10. Transport

Transport which could be vans, land cruisers, omnibuses, four-wheel vehicles, or tracks will be as specified on the itinerary agreed on between the client and the company. The company reserves the right to subcontract suitable transporters. English speaking drivers will be provided unless if requested otherwise by the client.

11.Rules of self conduct

Aramati Safaris ltd its agent and staff hereby commit to treat all clients with decorum, professionalism and without open bias. By entering into an agreement both client and the Agent will at any one time of this contract desist from any form of harassment, abuse or intimidation. Aramati Safaris ltd reserves the right to terminate services at full cost to the client and without any reimbursement should client voluntarily violation in part or otherwise this clause. 



12. Dietary requirements
Any special dietary requirements must be advised at time of booking or well in advance of check-in. Aramati Safaris will barre the responsibility to provide the same information to the service providers. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the  client to confirm that the service provider has complied with the dietary requirements provided. Aramati Safaris Ltd absorbs itself from any responsibility of non compliance to the fullest extent permissible by the law of the Kenya.  

13.Preferred clothing on safari
We recommend light cotton shirts and trousers / shorts. The best colours are khaki, beige and white. Light cotton, long sleeved clothing is recommended for game drives. Evenings can be cool/cold on game drives and some form of jersey or windbreaker is recommended even during the summer months


The company and its contracted agents act as agents of the safaris and thus shall not be liable for injury, delays, loss or damage in any manner. Its liability to passengers carried in its vehicles is as stipulated by the laws of the country where the incidence shall occur. All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Kenya. The company reserves the right to subcontract for all or part of the services rendered

14. Gratuities
Tipping is at your discretion. The lodge manager will be able to assist with guidelines.

15. Alteration of safaris

Due to unforeseen circumstances the company reserves the right to alter an itinerary or cancel the schedule of a scheduled safari. This will however be communicated to the client in reasonable time. Further the company reserves the right to discontinue a member of the safari at anytime during the safari should the person be considered a risk or nuisance to the team upon when an equitable amount will be refunded.


All clients must take out comprehensive travel insurance covering them for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellaton and curtailment as the booking will be subject to cancellation penalties as detailed above. As a client of Aramati Safaris you are automatically covered for all expenses relating to emergency evacuation expenses in the event of an accident or illness at any location forming part of your itinerary as booked through Aramati Safaris , excluding 3rd party services in Kenya. This cover guarantees admission to a suitable hospital or clinic as nominated by Travel Sure. Our insurer liability ceases upon admission to hospital or clinlic. Please contact us should you require further information.

  • Clients over the age of 75 years are not automatically covered by the above insurance. Clients over the age of 75 years are not automatically covered by the above insurance.
  • There are certain medical exclusions, if required please contact us for further details.
  • By purchasing services from Aramati Safaris Ltd services it is assumed that each client has read these terms and conditions understood them and agreed to abide by them without any reservations.